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CELTS Babies & Me SwimAmerica

A progressive CELTS Swim School Program designed specifically for younger children between the ages of 0- 3yr. Broken up by age, and ability, the CELTS Babies & Me programs allow each child to progress from ‘My First Swim   Course’, to the ‘Introduction Course’, to the NEW ‘Little Fish Course’ leading right into our CELTS Swim Lessons..

My First Swim Course (1 month - 8 months)

My First Swim Course is the first CELTS Babies & Me program that introduces newborns/infants to the water in a relaxed, warm water environment. Classes are held in warmer water where the temperature is set specifically for the newborns/infants in a comfortable setting where both the guardians and the babies can relax and learn. Newborns/infants will learn the basics of floating, kicking, and water movement for lifesaving skills in the water.

Little Fish Course (9months-3yrs)

With goal of becoming independent swimmers this class will focus on both techniques learned in the previous   introduction course, as well as future techniques to be learned in the youth classes. Levels from the previous   course transfers over as each child continues to develop at their own pace. This is a stepping stone built so children can become more independent making transition into CELTS Swim Lessons easier. Classes are small and are strictly focused on the individuality of each swimmer. Guardians are not required to get in the water. Classes must  be scheduled with the Lead Instructor via email then can be set up where you pick your start date.

CELTS Swim Lessons SwimAmerica

In these progressive CELTS Swim Lessons, swimmers are introduced to basic water skills, breath holding, and a number of submerging progressions, eventually leading the participant to unassisted swimming. The curriculum is broken into 5 concepts, which are advanced and developed through each level using different techniques and skills. We offer 10 levels ranging from novice to advanced swimmers for both Youth and Adults..

CELTS Adaptive Swim SwimAmerica

Adaptive Swim is specifically geared towards persons with physical disabilities. The class follows and joins the same programs as the CELTS Swim Lessons with modifications for individual swimmers as needed. At time of registration, indication on disability is optional, not required..

CELTS Special Abilities SwimAmerica

Special Abilities is specifically geared towards persons with disabilities. The class follows and joins the same programs as the CELTS Swim Lessons with modifications for individual swimmers as needed. At time of registration, indication on disability is optional, not required.

CCELTS Stroke School SwimAmerica

CELTS Stroke School helps develop a swimmer’s techniques in a pre-team setting allowing the perfect bridge between swim lessons and swim team. CELTS Stroke School is perfect for swimmers that would like to develop their stroke, learn new things, or progress to a swim team. In these classes, swimmers will work on each of the 4 competitive strokes, developing their swimming techniques, learn competitive swim vocabulary, turns, finishes, etc. Swimmers must be able to swim 25yds (1length) safely without assistance or be a level 7 of CELTS Swim Lessons, CELTS Adaptive Swim, or CELTS Special Abilities. Classes are based on a 30-day system giving you the flexibility to come as many days available within 30 days from your registration date.

Plunge-In Clinics : Swim School Edition

The fastest way to achieve your goals! CELTS unique Plunge-In Clinics are specially designed for families looking to get children water-ready in a hurry. They’re a great way to introduce kids to the fundamentals of water safety, take full advantage of school vacations, get peace of mind before a water-centric vacation or even start the journey to an Olympic gold medal. Jump start clinics include five consecutive days of 30 minute swim lessons that focus on everything from the teaching the fundamentals of water safety to fine-tuning stroke technique. These clinics we guarantee you’ll see a significant improvement in swimming skills in just five short days! Jump start clinics are held over the summertime and other select time during the year. Fees are weekly and are offered with sibling discounts.

CSAT Swim Team

We always get parents and guardians asking, what is the next step after Swim Lessons? In most cases we suggest Stroke School or even Swim Team. Swim Teams are the perfect transition from either program for any full length swimmer that is looking to experience more. We have our own swim team in the South Suburbs, Chicago Southland Aquatic Teams (CSAT), our Age Group Swim Team. And we also Coach WDSRA’s Special Abilities and Adapative Swim Team in the West Suburbs.