ABC Water Rehabilitation

ABC Water Rehabilitation

Virtually all injuries and rheumatological conditions, including osteo arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, ankle and leg sprains and fractures, presurgical and postsurgical hips, knees, and backs, muscle strains, frozen shoulders, painful necks and backs, fibromyalgia, achilles and patellar tendonitis can be helped thru water rehabilitation. We offer the following services to assist you in creating and maintaining your own wellness.

ASSISTED EXERCISE TREATMENT: Aquatic Body Conditioning program assisted by our Water Rehab Specialists. Includes an exercise program, floating and general stretching. Does not include massage or manual therapy. $50 per treatment. $400 for 10.

THERAPEUTIC AQUATIC TREATMENT: Personalized aquatic therapy program with one of our certified massage therapists. Includes therapeutic exercise, general stretching, and aquatic massage. $60 per treatment. $500 for 10.

INDEPENDENT EXERCISE SESSION:Includes use of pool space, assistance with equipment, and the support of our staff. Does not include floating exercises or stretching. This option is only available to patients who have completed a course of the above treatments and are able to exercise independently. $20 drop in. $150 for 10.

AQUATIC MASSAGE/WATSU TREATMENT: 60 or 90 minute aquatic bodywork treatments. These treatments do not include exercise, rather they are completely passive on the part of the patient/client. These treatments are very relaxing, rejuvenating experiences. 60 minutes $85, 90 Minutes $120.

To schedule an evaluation with an ABC Water Rehab specialist and then your first pool visit click the link below or contact us at 708-SWIM-411 .