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Why Choose Swim Chicago Southland?

Management Structure: With over 25 years of aquatic experience we understand what it takes to run a pool. Using experienced, seasoned managers with a low pool to supervisor ratio, we are able to provide more oversight ensuring quality service.

Advanced Business System: We utilize the most advanced and latest system to manage the pool. All supervisor and managers are equipped with wireless tablets that allow for real time entry updates for all water quality reports, and staff audits. Membership customer satisfaction surveys are used to gauge the needs, perceptions, and expectations of your customers at an individual level. All reports are emailed to our aquatic leadership team as completed and are available for review on our secure client web portal.

Safety First: Every managed facility is inspected multiple times every day for safety and compliance, water quality monitoring, and facility operations. All staff members are trained each year and certified for lifeguard and first aid, AED and supplemental O2 administration. Additionally, we they have required OSHA certifications, and are tested for compliance and understanding in all of these trainings on a regular basis. From the pool technician, up to the area supervisor every one of our staff is focused on safety-first.

Customer Service Focused: At SCS everyone strives to exceed customer expectations every day. We have developed a framework of quality standards and processes to provide for a consistent delivery of quality service, which is shared with all of our staff through our Customer Service Training Program. To ensure our staff is knowledgeable of your facility, operations, rules, and requirements, each staff member receives facility specific training. With all staff engaged in paying attention to the details we are able to consistently provide world class guest services which means a more enjoyable pool for all.

Risk Management: Our focus is on prevention, but aquatic experts agree that even at the best run pools, accidents can happen. That is why liability insurance is such an important part of risk management, and based upon our research a minimum of $15 million is required for any pool management company providing lifeguards. We have never had any claims, but without adequate coverage there is exposure to risk. This coverage minimizes risk in the event of a catastrophic event, or several moderate events.